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60 amazing tips to improve your Health

Health is the most precious good! That’s why we want to bring solutions and advice for those common annoyances that often do not receive the necessary importance.

Muscle pain, tired legs, poor circulation, tooth sensitivity, allergies, skin irritations, burns, mosquito bites, wasps or other insects or, even those two or three kilos that we have left, go completely unnoticed in our daily routine. These problems have more serious consequences than we believe, since they affect our quality of life, our physical and emotional well-being and, in many cases, prevent us from enjoying our hobbies without worry, our free time and, in definitive, of the small pleasures of day to day.

Understanding those issues and taking smart steps to improve heart health can help your heart do its job so you can lead your best and fullest life. We are neglecting our only wealth that is health.

In life there is nothing more important than taking care of your health, so keeping fit and healthy should be your number one priority.

Here are 60 steps that will help you have the longest, healthiest life possible:

  • Drink a jug full of water right after waking up in the morning (Use a copper mug for added health benefits)
  • Switch from drinking Coffee and Tea to Organic Green Tea
  • Meditate for 10 minutes daily to remove stress and increase the grey matter concentration in the brain.
  • Be stress free and don’t overthink
  • Enjoy your every moment and live presently mostly.
  • Living in future or past may crap your day.
  • Travel frequently and enjoy new people and food.
  • Eat in small quantity.

“If you do not have control over your mouth, you will not have control over your future.”― Germany Kent

  • No cosmetics, look ugly it’s fine but looking beautiful by cosmetics will make you ugly inside you.
  • Socialize and relation with people.
  • Gratitude daily and induce positiveness.
  • Stop complaining and start companying.
  • Laugh laugh laugh
  • Don’t take life seriously. But your enjoyment seriously.
  • Never compare with any peers or anyone. It will lead depression.
  • Hit the gym 5 days a week.
  • Drink about 1/2 liter milk every day to fulfill body’s calcium needs.
  • Keep Saturdays for Running, Cycling, Cardio sessions.
  • Take up a sport like Competitive Swimming, Tennis, Badminton etc. on Sundays, for it will improve your flexibility and endurance.
  • Eat Indian Gooseberry and a handful of soaked almonds and walnuts every morning.
  • Maintain a strict oral hygiene by brushing twice a day using ayurvedic toothpaste, Mouth Wash (Listerine) and Dental Floss.
  • Drink a large glass of Orange Juice every evening to maintain your Vitamin C levels in the body.
  • Get a head and body massage every Sunday (Use almond oil for massage)
  • Totally give up upon snacks like Chips, Burgers, Coke, French Fries etc. and switch to healthy snacks such as dry fruits, whole grain biscuits, freshly cut fruits and brown bread sandwiches.
  • Join Yoga classes for increasing the body’s flexibility. Since bodybuilding makes the body stiff, Yoga will hugely benefit in the long run.
  • Fast on the last day of every month. (Fasting removes toxins from the body and burns excess fat)
  • Use cold showers for bathing instead of taking hot water showers. Hot water badly affects hair and makes them dry.
  • Get a complete body checkup, including all blood tests dental checkup, every 3 months.
  • Ditch cosmetic creams and oils and switch to using coconut oil, which acts both as a natural moisturizer as well as hair oil.
  • Quit Smoking 
  • Quit Drinking.
  • Wake up early in the morning. I personally make it a point to wake up at 4 am.
  • Scrub facial skin and body with dried orange peel powder. It will make the skin glow.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.
  • Keep your body fat levels to below 15 percent of your overall body weight. It will help you look more muscular and sharper.
  • Ditch your old clothes and buy new clothes every 6 months. New and well-fitted clothes give a healthy look to the person.
  • To increase core strength and get lean muscles, practice Martial Arts, Taekwondo.
  • Walk on the dew of the green grass every morning. It lowers down body temperature as well as blood pressure.
  • Switch to herbal or ayurveda soap for bathing. Ditch the chemical-based soaps.
  • Use herbal or ayurveda Shampoo for hair. Dich chemical based shampoos.
  • Eat a high protein breakfast, having at least 30–40 grams of protein. If eating eggs is not a problem, then eggs are the best source of protein since they are natural.
  • Never take protein supplements including ON, Ultimate Nutrition and others. Such supplements can cause urinary tract problems. Try considering Boost as it contains Malt, which is good for the body.
  • Minimize the use of electronic gadgets including Laptops and Smartphones or if possible, completely ditch them. Their overuse causes skin allergies, dark circles under eyes.
  • Sleep on your left side. This position helps to reduce nighttime heartburn symptoms.
  • Switch to a squat based Indian Toilet or use a stool for legs while using an English toilet. There should be a pressure on anus and intestines while pooping. Indian toilets are considered healthy.
  • Always keep a hand sanitizer in your bag. Use is before eating so as to avoid getting infections.
  • Drink 4 liters of water every day. Buy a copper bottle to store water.
  • Donate blood every 6 months. It will force the body to create new, fresh blood.
  • Minimize masturbation to once a week. Daily masturbation can decrease your strength.
  • To lose weight, practice High Interval Intensive Training (HIIT) and drink a glass of lime water after the workout.
  • Stop the intake of artificial sugar. Switch to Honey.
  • Invest in a high quality and expensive mattress and pillow. The quality of sleep hugely affects overall health.
  • Avoid being in the air-conditioned air as much as possible. AC’s are usually not good for the body in the long run.

Health is not just physical health it includes emotional wellbeing and mental wellbeing. Wholistic health improvement is important.

  • Ditch lifts for stairs.
  • Get a healthy glow on the face by adding a small spoon of Turmeric to warm water and drinking it daily.
  • Consult a nutritionist to create a monthly diet plan for yourself. Plan weekly menus and add healthy varieties to it.
  • Subscribe to health magazines such as Men or Woman Fitness for added motivation.
  • Eat dark chocolate. Regular consumption of chocolate reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  • Ditch Vegetable oil for more healthier Sunflower and Olive Oil. Also, consume Desi Ghee in moderation.
  • An Apple and  2 Bananas a day keeps the doctor away.

Bottom Line

One important thing in opting healthy habits is that we need to make a fixed routine for our meals and follow them religiously. Good habits are the key to all success. we first make our habits, then our habits make us. So, turn your bad habits into your good habits, then your life will change.

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