Choosing a right domain:

It is very difficult to choose a good domain name among various domain names available over the web. Domain name is something that defines your identity and describes your business. So, one need to be very smart while selecting a domain name for their business.

There are several TLDs which are particularly designed for specific industry giving a clear idea about the business such as “.NET “domain which is specially created for network or information technology and promoting tech services. Let’s have a look over the below-mentioned some details how can you choose good domain for your online business.

Domain names and websites are Internet real estate – Marc Ostrofsky

7 tips for choosing a right domain name:

Regardless of your financial situation, there are a few things you want to keep in mind when considering a domain name.

1. Find Unique Domain Name:

Choosing a unique domain name that is appealing to the people that you want to attract to your website. It must be synchronous to the service that you provide or the services that you provide.

2. Short & Simple Words:

If your domain address is long people can misunderstand and/or spell it in correctly and there are many web pages which be similar to you they might be taking your traffic. Simple and easy is the way that you go a long way. 

3. Targeting Audience:

Your domain name should resound with your locality or your city or country.  There are various unique domain you can register to base on your city or locality or service wise. This will ensure that people from your city at least have your back and it leaves a positive impact on their mind as they can rely on you for the services.

4. Avoid Special Signs:

You must ensure that you have no random hyphens and number to make your unique and risk missing your clients as they are not about to waste half an hour just to find your website even though you have compelling content you must be easy to find. To make sure you don’t lose your visitors you need to avoid using special signs. So avoid sign like “–“  / “_” on domain name.

5. Be Worth Remembering:

Your name should just remain in the heads of your clients and be right there when they need to read something about the niche that you expertise in them should have your names on your tongues, Like Google or Facebook there are plenty of the names that you can take and have Yahoo when they are on tips of your customers tongue.

6. Research:

You must consider viewing your competitor’s webpages and research according to your needs you don’t want to keep a sporty name for an education website if you can’t pull it off. Doing a competitor study would keep you going and you would be able to grasp what name would be much appealing.

A better domain name will lower your lifetime marketing costs – Frank Schilling

7. Suitable Extension:

A domain extension is actually the .Com/.In that you’d see in the end of the website. There are pliantly other extensions that can be used which refers to your website. Like .photography or .food or .travel it makes it more unique and appealing.

  • .Com: For commercial purpose.
  • .Info: Informational sites.
  • .Net: Related to IT and networking, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .Org: Non-commercial and non-profit organizations
  • .Biz: Commercial or business use. That offers online services.
  • .Me: Personal blogs, websites, resumes and self-promotion.

Remember that there are currently 1,578 top level domains in existence as per INA data reveals.


.com is the best. It is the accepted default by almost everyone. If your audience or visitors are based in India then go for .In, but if your services and content for everyone then you have to go for .Com, because everyone know .Com, most of people only know or use .Com with websites and .Uk/.In may limit your most of audience.

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