Everything you need to know about web hosting:

Web hosting is an internet service that allows startups, individuals and organizations to launch their website or web page onto the web. A web host or web hosting service company provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the web. Websites are hosted or stored, on highly configured computers called servers.

There are different types of web hosting services designed to fulfill every need of web hosting, the main types of web hosting services currently available are the following:

Types of Web Hosting:

Shared hosting:

A shared hosting account is one in which each client shares resources with each other client on a particular server. Best suited for low-traffic websites and small businesses, a shared hosting package doesn’t give you any control over your server environment. Instead, you simply work with whatever you’re given – which in most cases is more than enough. The advantage of this setup is the shared cost. Shared hosting is good for a newer site that doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

Reseller hosting:

With a reseller account, you’ve the ability to use a portion of your allotted resources to host websites or services on the behalf of third parties. Although you don’t have any control over the environment on which the reseller accounts are hosting, you have full reign over resource allocation. suitable for hosting personal and business websites.

Virtual private server (VPS):

A virtual private server provides as much control as a dedicated server, with one caveat – you can’t do anything with your physical hardware. A virtual private server ‘virtualizes’ an operating environment for a client – meaning that environment exists independently of the physical servers that are running it. Usually (but not always), that hardware is shared between a few clients.

Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting is essentially the same as VPS hosting in that you also have your site on a virtual machine. However, instead of one physical server, your site is part of a whole network of computers from which it can pull all the power it needs dynamically. The advantage of cloud-based web hosting that you get large amount of traffic rather than shutting your website.

This type of setup is becoming more commonplace. Some companies don’t even call their service VPS anymore, the say Cloud or Cloud VPS.

Dedicated hosting:

AS the name already suggests, dedicated hosting simply means this. you have a server all for yourself. when you have a dedicated server that it means you are renting one physical server from a hosting company with dedicated server you don’t have to worry about other website on a shared server taking time and slowing down your website down. It is more costly, as to that you will be paying the cost on the entire server. Unlike Shared Hosting, where the cost is shared. This type great for website, a database center where a heavy traffic is expected.


You rent a rack space from a data center you bring your own data own server hardware and they provide power cooling, internet uplink. you’re responsible for your own data storage, backup etc. You can install any scripts or applications you need. An advantage of this type of hosting service is you have full control of the web server. colocation is not probably not worth the investment.

Free Hosting:

The Free Hosting is a web hosting service that we should not pay anything. Normally the functionalities offered by this type of hosting are very limited. Thus, both the space available to host the files on our website and the monthly transfer are usually very small. These hosting services are usually free because they introduce advertising within the web pages that are hosted using them.

These are the main types of hosting services, you can select hosting service as per your hosting requirements.

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